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We have had our hands in the performance world for a number of years. We can cater to anyone with their specific goals in mind with their LS or LT powered car. Anything from a stock car with an intake and exhaust to full bolt ons to a full 1000+hp build, we have the ingredients to make your car exceptional and perform just as well.

Even if you don’t have a factory LS or LT powered vehicle we love swaps. LS swap, LT swap, we know the parts and we have experience swapping them. Trying to make a full blown race car or track car, we do that too.

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One of the hardest things I try to get people to understand about ethanol is the dramatic difference in pump ethanol vs ignite or a premium ethanol. People always say I can get pump for cheaper than Ignite. To that I say yes, yes you can. But you know what, now pump E is eating up your fuel systems, o rings, hoses, injectors not to mention the buildup of corrosion and impurities that never leave your gas tank. The fact that it doesnt always test out at 85% and of course the power gains from Ignite vs pump is down right amazing, I’ve had a handful of customers who ran pump and switched to Ignite and actually felt how radically different the car is.

Marc and I have been running Ignite E90 in the vette for 2 full years and it sits in the tank all year and all through the winter. Last time the car had pump gas in it was 2020. First start up in the spring and it turns right on and runs fine. Our lines are fine, tanks still seal. Not a single issue. Yes, I get that it’s expensive but when it comes down to it which ethanol would you rather run and inherent problems would you want to deal with that come from it.

Ignite Racing Fuel has come leaps and bounds with their ethanol brand. Technology keeps advancing day by day and the same is true with fuel. All of the Ignite grades are clean, non-corrosive, and won’t damage fuel components. But the best part of ethanol is the performance gains you’ll see.

Ethanol has two main advantages. First, the octane ratings which are E85/orange with a rating of 108 and the E90/red has a rating of 113+. The second advantage is that ethanol burns colder than gasoline. These two factore give Ignite ethanol huge benefits and gains over pump gas. It’s not uncommon, with high HP vehicles, to switch from 93 gas to Ignite red and pick up over 100whp!

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