Custom lt cam packages

Back in 2007, GM introduced DOD (displacement on demand) which essentially turned off 4 of the 8 cylinders in V8 engines, to get better gas mileage and meet emissions standards. In 2014 to current vehicles, GM introduced the Gen 5 LT motors which use direct injection and incorporate DOD, but are known as AFM. With 2018+ vehicles, GM now has AFM/DOD in every cylinder, meaning any set of 4 cylinders can be turned off. 

In the real world, every die-hard GM LS or LT fan knows DOD and AFM just don’t work. They have such a high failure rate that results in either oil consumption, misfires, loud knocking, or even blown motors. 

Case House Performance has partnered with G8Only and BTR to deliver DOD/AFM delete and go packages. These packages are for anyone with an LT 2014+ truck, wanting to delete their DOD or AFM but not wanting an aftermarket cam or headers. If you simply want an all stock, factory vehicle that performs as it was intended to when it left the plant–this is for you. 

We are using BTR DOD delete cam packages. This is a “no tuning required” package where we simply go in and disable your DOD or AFM. These cams have factory specs, so they perform like your factory cam already does. All readiness monitors are clear and you’ll still meet all emissions and state inspection requirements. We priced this package as an affordable option that is cheaper than buying a junkyard motor and paying to have it installed. 

For 2014-18 vehicles, with the L83 motor, the package comes in at $4500 (plus tax) installed. Yes, that’s right–parts, labor, fluids and software to disable. No up charges and no surprised at the end. For 2018+ vehicles, please contact us for pricing as some platforms don’t have full flashing capabilities just yet. We also offer this package for the LS community too, for 2007-13 vehicles. 

If you would like this package, but want aftermarket parts installed as well, that option is available. Please contact us for pricing and additional details at 732-569-6294 or email us at

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Ignite Racing Fuel

Over the years with flex fuel vehicles, ethanol has gotten a bad rap that it can damage vehicles, create poor performance, or kill engines. This simply isn’t true! That bad rap actually came from “pump” ethanol. When regular pump gasoline companies got ahold of ethanol they started adding all of their cleaners and detergents to it. These were the same additives they normally put into gasoline. This more or less never gave ethanol a fighting change because the additives are what made ethanol seem dirty and corrosive. 

Ignite Racing Fuel has come leaps and bounds with their ethanol brand. Technology keeps advancing day by day and the same is true with fuel. All of the Ignite grades are clean, non-corrosive, and won’t damage fuel components. But the best part of ethanol is the performance gains you’ll see.

Ethanol has two main advantages. First, the octane ratings which are E85/orange with a rating of 108 and the E90/red has a rating of 113+. The second advantage is that ethanol burns colder than gasoline. These two factore give Ignite ethanol huge benefits and gains over pump gas. It’s not uncommon, with high HP vehicles, to switch from 93 gas to Ignite red and pick up over 100whp!

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